Sunday, March 4, 2007

Danny's night out on the town - Kathleen Monteleone gets Cab Fare

Grease Lightnin', opening number for the latest installment of the "Grease - You're The One That I Want" TV competition, was executed by the four remaining Danny contestants. It's Danny's night out on the town.

Austin Miller: Performed a skit using a hit song by the Beach Boys, "Fun Fun Fun". (Voice was flat, falsetto was not there and overacting is an overstatement when it came to his performance.) The Judges gave him a positive and polite critique.

Derek Keeling: Derek was coached by a vocal specialist for his version of "Heaven" by Brian Adams. Didn't seem to help much, his voice still has no control and cracks like he is going through puberty. (Judges weren't that thrilled either.)

Max Crumm: Did a little training in the boxing ring to build his confidence for his rendition of "Hard To Handle" , a Rock And Roll song. (He performed like a Macho Man but his vocals were not up to specs.) Judges patted him on the back, gave him a star for his improving performances every week and voted him favorite Danny of the night.

Chad Doreck: Laid an egg. (Judges were either drunk or the kindest people in the theater biz. Passed him on.)

The sing-off of Sandy's Laura, Ashley, Kathleen and Allie, left Kathleen cab fare.

(I wish the real Sandy and Danny would show up for rehearsal.)

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