Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sandy gets sexy with appearance by Frankie Avalon

"Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee" is the song that the pillow talking, pajama party girls (female contestants) opened up with tonight on the "Grease - You're The One That I Want" TV talent contest. To nights show will focus on the female contestants bad girl, sexy attitude, musical and acting abilities. Frankie Avalon will be adding his bit also.

First up was Ashley Spencer singing, acting and dancing to a skit using the Nancy Sinatra hit from the sixties, "These Boots Are Made For Walking". Not a hard tune to sing vocally. She barley cut it. (Jim Jacobs loved the boots that she was wearing and I believe was a little turned on. I believe that the other judges were Luke warm with her.)

Second up was Allie Schulz. She did a nice comedy musical skit. She was also given a Luke warm critique by the judges.

Third up was Laura Osnes chirping a rendition of the Peggy Lee hit song "Fever". Her sultry little black evening dress was the best part of the skit. OO La La! Her voice was as flat and out of tune as a cat trapped inside of a piano screaming for help! (Judges gave here a thumbs up?)

Sing-off of the bottom four: The bottom four (least popular voted by the studio audience from lasts weeks show) traded verses to "Blue Moon", a Doo Wop hit song for the Marcells in the 1950's and now part of the musical Broadway show Grease. All sounded week. Maybe they would be best as background singers. No way, Doo Wop songs have vocal harmonies. No harmony here. (Judges saved Kathleen Monteleone and Chad Doreck to continue the competition.) Kevin Greene and Kate Rockwell are history.

Kathleen performed "Let's Sing It For The Boys" off key and flat. If she doesn't get the ax next week, I'll give up cigars!

Frankie Avalon and TV contestant cast recreated a scene from Grease with Frankie singing "Beauty School Dropout". I thought that Dick Clark was the worlds oldest living teenager?

Laura was voted by the Judges as the nights best Sandy.

Farewell Kevin and Kate.

Jeff O' Out!

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