Sunday, February 11, 2007

2 Grease Broadway Hopefuls Cut - Mat Nolan - Ashley Anderson

The show opened tonight with a rehearsed number from Grease(Summer Nights) by the 14 remaining Grease "Your The One That I Want" contestants. The whole gang was starting to get a feel for the show. They sounded pretty good as an ensemble singing in unison, although none in my opinion were stand out quality for leading parts in a professional production.

Setting up the format for the nights competition, judges selected contestants for a sing-off where singers were paired off, Sandy's and Danny's. A bottom four were selected to perform last. Out of these four, two will be cut from the competition.

The first six performers took the stage and ran through a variety of song genres ranging from pop to show tunes. Not going to elaborate on individual performances because all singers performed with about the same proficiency. Mediocre lounge singers at best.

Intermission with Andrew Lloyd Weber (Guest judge for the night):
Contestants performed a number from Phantom Of The Opera (Andrew Lloyd's Baby), then a little rehearsal room action with Andrew coaching Grease contestants in song and performance.

Four top contestants performed with the same results as the first six.

The last four bottom contestants that were selected at the beginning of the show for the sing-off, stood side by side on stage trading licks on the hit 50's song "Tears On My Pillow".

Mat Nolan and Ashley Anderson were cut as expected, then performed a farewell from the competition number from Grease, "Sandra Dee" .

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