Monday, February 19, 2007

Grease says goodbye to Jason Ceyala & Juliana Hansen:

Billy Bush opened the show last night with an introduction of the finalists performing a musical number from Grease, (Born To hand Jive) to the roar of the studio audience. The twelve remaining contestants traded vocal choruses throughout the number. (Not one of them could sing the song with any conviction or quality. It's a Rock And Roll song and these Broadway performers sing to straight for Rock And Roll. They need to go to the Baptist Church on Sundays and pick up a little soul!)

They paired off the six Sandys and Danny's for a sing-off for this segment of the competition to see how they would work together or have the best chemistry on stage.

Once again they picked a bottom 4 (Juliana, Jason, Kevin & Kathleen) that received the lowest number of votes by last weeks show from the studio audience. Juliana and Jason who had the lowest votes by the studio audience from last weeks show performed a duet together right off. Juliana and Kevin were cut from the competition by the judges. Ouch!

The first pair of top Sandy's and Danny's (Chad & Allie) performed a rendition of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to the pleasure of the judges.

The second pair of top Sandy's and Danny's (Laura & Austin) performed an arrangement of "I don't Know Much" . Not waiting for the judges, both cut the song exceptionally and had what you would call great stage chemistry. Handsome couple too. (Judges concurred with my assessment.)

The third pair of top Sandy's and Danny's (Max & Ashley) performed "Give It Up". I noticed that they were both severely nervous. You could hear their voices shaking as the sang and as they were conversing with the judges. (Judges thought they were good but not being natural enough with their performance and were working too hard.)

The fourth pair of top Sandy's and Danny's (Derek & Kate) performed "From This Moment On". Right off, Derek started singing flat. Kate sounded fine. Their harmony parts to the song sounded flat due to Derek's flat singing. He's a handsome cat but I think his Goose is cooked down the line.(Judges agreed with me on Derek's flat notes.)

The two bottom Sandy's and Danny's that were saved by the judges at the beguinning of the show (Kevin & Kathleen ) performed "Let's Give Them Something To talk About". Wrong song for these straight singers, voices didn't blend well together, no chemisty etc..... No go in my opinion. (Judges agreed with me about having the wrong song. Ian agreed that there days were numbered.)

Goodbye Jason and Juliana.

Dig ya' later, Jeff O'

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Anonymous said...

As I understand it, Kevin's partner was Juliana and Kathleen's was Jason. There wasn't much time for Kevin and Kathleen to get chemistry or blend. I think they did a great job considering what was dealt to them. The song they sane was probably one everyone practiced just in case.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Kevin's partner was Juliana and Kathleen's was Jason. I think they did a good job considering what they were dealt. They probably all practiced that song just in case.