Friday, January 12, 2007

Grease Academy on Access Hollywood

Tonight, Access Hollywood showed a little segment on behind the scenes at Grease Academy.

I believe the performers in the segment were supporting cast members excluding the two leads Sandy & Danny, who will be the finalists in the competition. The supporting cast is ready and rehearsed. Sounds solid! Wonder who will be playing the other top parts in the show. I feel a few ringers in the works.

They showed clips of the cast singing and dancing to songs in the show accompanied by a piano player. (Wish they would add a piano player to the TV show competition. It would make the show more entertaining, they would get more out of the singers by starting them off in the right musical key, it would give them some rhythm so that they could dance around a little and show a little vocal style against the piano players chord changes.)

Looks like things are moving according to plan.

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