Sunday, January 7, 2007

Grease TV Show Premier

Tonight, I greased back my DA with a little Dixie Peach Pomade, slipped on my Penny Loafers, black T-shirt and fired up a nice cigar to get me into a rockin' mood for the premier of 'Grease You're The One That I Want'. The new talent show on NBC 10 where contestants compete for two leading roles in the Broadway stage production of Grease. (Oh forgot, popped the cork on a chilled bottle of Thunderbird and placed it into a 5lb paper bag. "Oh Baby, You Know What I Like!") Turned the dial to NBC 10, adjusted my rabbit ears and was all set to go by 7:59PM.

Eight O' Clock, Let's Rock!

Good thing I remembered to brown bag my bottle of Thunderbird or I don't think that I could have gotten through the first installment of 'Grease You're The One That I Want'. For the first hour, the LA contestants that tried out had no business walking through the stage doors. Not one could sing his or her way out of a paper bag nor did they have the character presence needed to take the leading male or female parts, Danny & Sandy. They did move a few contestants through to the second phase of the audition. Can they dance?

Second Hour. Chicago Auditions:

The Thunderbird kicked in and I'm starting to enjoy the show. Still allot of amatures except for a 42 year old contestant named Dominic Fortuna who had played the part of Danny before in semi-pro productions. The cat looked good, carried a tune and had a few groovy moves. Obviously the man had talent. I was right, they sent him to Grease Academy where they groom the advancing contestants for the finals.

They combined the LA and Chicago contestants for the dance off and advanced a bunch to Grease Academy. Other than Dominic, the others didn't do anything for me. No doubt the competition is new and there will be Mooch O' more talent to come in future episodes. I expect some real ringers to pop out of the wood work next broadcast.

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