Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jeff O' - Grease Fanatic Since 1972

I've been a Grease fan since I saw the first Broadway troop perform the show in Philadelphia Pa. back in 1972.

The following year when the next production rolled around, I jacked up my 1955 Buick like Grease Lightnin', slicked back my DA and put on my Thunderbird jacket. Man, I was ready for action! Had a date that night with a swingin' chick that was going to doll up like a pink lady and all! The plan was to roll my Grease mobile in front of the theater and make everybody think that we were part of the show. As a fringe benefit, I'd get a free parking place downtown. Sweet! I had the perfect plan but it went south. When I went to pick up my swingin' date, she wasn't there! I got stood up! O.K., so I'll do the stunt myself I said. Put my car in drive and stepped on the gas. Three blocks later, my Dynaflow transmission blew a gasket! Never made it to the show and that's Rock And Roll History.

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