Sunday, January 28, 2007

Grease Final 12 turn pro overnight? - 2 cuts return:

At the start of the show tonight, the final 12 contestants competing for the two lead rolls Sandy & Danny, performed a short version of the Grease theme song on stage together. All of a sudden, you were watching performers that knew what they were doing, almost as if you were watching professionals! What happened to the amatures that we saw last week? Looks like we have all been set up. Yo! Grease producers. I wasn't born yesterday and you ain't foolin' Jeff O'.

Unlike the shoddy productions of the three previous shows, tonight's show was a full blown extravaganza with all the stops taken out. Lights, stage, pit orchestra, costumes and show production all top notch, not to mention Sandy herself (Olivia Newton John) making a grand entrance then escorted to the judges box. What a dish!

After the first four contestants, two male and two female took the stage for a sing off (all performed well), two surprise contestants were brought back from the previous week who were cut, Mat Nolan and Ashley Anderson. Mat Nolan sang a flat Roy Orbison tune and Ashley sang flat on her song also. Judges confirmed my critique, but they were still voted back by the judges and were given another chance to compete. I don't see how they are going to sing in tune by next week. Maybe they'll turn a tuning fork on'em.

The format of two male and two female vocal performances continued. All performed well. The judges were split on the two girls but open minded enough to see what happens in future auditions. Mama Mio! 4 to go.

Intermission: A little pajama party with Olivia Newton John with questions from potential Sandy's about the movie Grease and tips on how to play the part.

The format of two male and two female vocal performances continued. All performed well. Judges loved them all.

Next comes all 14 contestants performing together on stage for a finale number (We Go Together) in full Grease costume. Did a good enough job to make one believe that they were rehearsed and part of the production already.

The Sandy's (Including Nicknames)

* Ashley Anderson, "Emotional Sandy"
* Juliana Hansen, "Rock Chick Sandy"
* Kathleen Monteleone, "Spiritual Sandy"
* Laura Osnes, "Small Town Sandy"
* Kate Rockwell, "Serious Sandy"
* Allie Schulz, "Baby Sandy"
* Ashley Spencer, "Ballerina Sandy"

The Danny's (Including Nick Names)

* Jason Ceyala, "Boy Band Danny"
* Max Crumm, "Slacker Danny"
* Chad Doreck, "Ambitious Danny"
* Kevin Greene, "Bellhop Danny"
* Derek Keeling, "Wholesome Danny"
* Austin Miller, "Hot Danny"
* Matt Nolan, "Second Chance Danny"

End of show, viewers took a poll for their favorite Sandy & Danny.

Entertainment value of tonight's show? Jeff O' gives a 7.

Later Alligator, Jeff O'

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