Monday, January 15, 2007

Open casting call for Grease ends after NY auditions:

The open casting call for the new Broadway musical show production of Grease opening this coming spring, has wrapped up in New York city.

The mostly amateur, unknown in the theater performers that competed on the TV reality show "Grease You're The One That I Want", were participating in an open casting call for the show. Now I get it! From what I saw and heard, there was only one contestant selected that I believe had the "Right Stuff" to move on to the final cut, Dominic Fortuna who made the first cut in the Chicago auditions.

Evidently, there have already been 50 performers that have already made the semifinal cut for the two leading rolls Sandy & Danny in the production. They will be competing for the final cut on TV in the coming weeks. No doubt the majority of them are seasoned theater professionals. I believe the producers already have a 99.9% idea of who they are going to give the leading parts to. It would be a miracle if any of the open casting call competitors succeed in acquiring either of the staring rolls, but you never know in this business.

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